I’ve done it. I’ve decided upon a setting, and main problem in a world for us to roam around within. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Mad Max, without the vehicles and guns.
The reverse of Waterworld, again without vehicles and guns.
Book of Eli without Denzel, vehicles, or guns.

A rough, tough, harsh world, where surviving is concern number one. Resources will be scarce. The journey will be hard. You will be the underdog.
Can you find a place to live in peace? Can you restore the world to its former beauty? Can you even manage to survive outside of town? Let’s find out.

As per most of my games, any WotC publications are allowed. That includes all of the 5e books, UAs, VOLO’s, EE, WA, starter set, and anything I forgot (please make mention).

Darkened Realms

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